Xbox 720 or whatever it's called

Hey guys I know Im late recently I been wanting to take my game to the next lvl. I want to get some astro a40 there like $300. And I'm wondering if should get them or wait for the new Xbox. I heard its comming out next year. Should I wait for the new Xbox or just buy the a40. If I did buy the astro do you guys think they will work with the new Xbox?

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The A40s are headphones. MS's new console is, well, a console. As long as you can get 5.1 or 7.1 sound from the console somehow, it shoudl be fine for use with the A40s. There are HDMI switches that break out the audio stream to an optical port, though I don't see MS dropping separate audio output from the console, be it optical or some sort of AV cable.

to be honest i don't want to see a new xbox yet and if i did i don't believe that there is suddenly a new consoel next year.

that's like gta5 is coming out in July 2012?

This generation is very old, outdated & stagnant. It's time for new consoles. It wouldn't be like there was "suddenly" a new machine. Generally, work on any new console starts even before the current one is released. MS very probably started on the next Xbox sometime between finishing up the 360 & releasing it. More than likely, MS is close to putting the finishing touches on it, and developers are almost certainly working on the launch titles.