XBOX 720 May Block Used Games

XBOX 720 May Block Used Games
Here's my issue/complaint*:

Microsoft may be discontinuing the ability to play used games on the XBOX 720.
If this is the case I've decided I'm done buying consoles and I'm sticking to PC gaming.

I am a loyal customer and purchased both the XBOX and XBOX 360 shortly after their release and have been a consistent XBOX LIVE member for 3 years.
I own a plethora of used games because I cannot afford to purchase more than a small amount of the games which are released for XBOX 360.
I also still enjoy some of my XBOX titles.

This statement recently caught my attention:
If a disc is watermarked and won't play on any console but the first one it's entered in.

Even if this isn't true I am stating my dissent toward such a setup for the following reasons:
a) You wouldn't be able to take your game a friend's place and play on two consoles already setup there, you HAVE to tote your XBOX everywhere with you.
b) This has the potential to destroy businesses and jobs formed around used consoles and games.
c) Once I purchase a game, as long as I don't copy it, I should OWN that one copy and be allowed to transfer or sell it, just like a used car.

If this type of restriction is put in place on XBOX consoles I will be forced to stop purchasing these products and gaming titles.
Concerned XBOX gamer:

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*(I can't locate a valid place to submit a complaint or concern for new products besides this forum.
Please add one that's easy to get to so more customers can voice their opinions.
Without listening to the market your product is bound to fail, just look at Windows 8.)

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Yeah, I've considered stopping the use of my 360 as well over this -- definitely gone if this is the way they chose to go.  I'l go with the OUYA if this is how Microsoft wants to do it.

This is all speculation right now. Even if they did something like this, it would almost certainly be less extreme. Rather than blocking used games entirely, they would require used games to purchase an activation code in order to play. Something similar is already happening with many games for multiplayer access, and I think this would most likely be extended to the entire experience (single and multiplayer).


In the end, I believe that used game retailers would have to lower their prices to account for this additional cost, and the end result to any used game buyer is no change at all. The only difference is that part of the profit would end up with MS/developer rather than exclusively with the used game retailer.

I hope they really fix this. Microsoft has been getting a little be extreme with their "brilliant" ideas on what they think will be innovative and to keep our interest..All this is doing is not only causing them their business but also running A LOT of other business' down that rely on used games and consoles. I've had this problem ever since they started the whole "online pass" trend a few years ago. If you don't own a new game to play online games you literally have to spend an extra $20 so you can play with friends. Totally not worth it. I am either going to full PC gaming or going to PS4. Good riddance Xbox.


Since this is speculation it is possible this approach is being considered by Microsoft.

As gamers and consumers we should speak up now while it is still speculation.

I can understand purchasing an activation code which I then my attach to my account, but I should be allowed to transfer this code as well and use it from different consoles when I login to my profile.

In this moment we have to wait the MS move, but in this moment is speculation.

When MS break the silence and shows their next gen console we will see if that´s is true, lie or a option of game publishers have in system (aparentily PS 4 have that option to the publishers..., some Sony´s executives confirms and somes denies that).

The only thing we have to do now is wait when, Microsoft oficial divulges their policity, in that time will be the time to iniciate the dialogues.

I hope i help you and forgive my bad english it´s self learnerd.

Unfortunately once items in development are unveiled it is most likely too late to change the course of the project.

If dissent is heard when the functionality is thought of it can change the project scope.

dont listen to speculation blogs are sensationalized for a reason

they said the same thing about ps4 guess what completely false

dont get tied up on rumors