Xbox 720 Commentary

What should the console be like? What are deal-breakers for most folk? Just curious.

My opinions?

A few things aside from other things I've seen posted: it should definitely be blue-ray compatible, and 3D compatible. Gamerscore, avatar, and live account should not change, and the 360 should continue to be supported. Connecting old and new consoles should be an option.

Deal breakers for me? If backwards compatibility doesn't exist and/or used game discs are no longer allowed, I will not be purchasing. I have enough games for the 360 alone to last me the next 20 years, many unopened. I have 3 of those, and 3 PS3's with similar backlog of games. games also need to be compatible with simple controllers and not-kinect required or there will be no need for my disabled self to be buying. Ditto competitiveness: one's experience and ability should not be lessened simply because a disability keeps them from using motion-controls. The camera needs to be unhackable, with a manual shutter to ensure it cannot be on without user knowledge.


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(MOD REMOVED) on a previous post your saying you won't  be buying the Next-Xbox if it doesn't have backwards compatibility and now you are asking what features we want , Oh my

How does him asking for OUR opinion on features matter in regards to HIS opinion on one specific feature?

And for me at this point I don't really have any deal breakers or deal makers as I want fully detailed specs of both consoles hardware before I'll even begin to consider features.

I just hope that all of the rumors I've been hearing about the next Xbox are just... Rumors..

At least I hope so....

There are so many negative rumors, I'm starting to sing the beastie boys (Sabotage)

sigh. I wish ms would get off their collective butts and say something about the next xbox...

All I know is that it's gonna cost a pretty penny. That's why I started to recycle. lol.

I was deffinately going to get the next xbox until I saw what that tool andy orth (creative manager?)said on twitter today.

What that guy said about always online and his attitude is an absolute joke and convinced me to buy the ps4.

Does this guy actually work for sony?????????????