Xbox 720 Co assistance with the 360

Just a thought.. 

I've read a lot of articles about gamers and developers dont want a new console but i've personally been preying for a new console. I've moved onto PC as I love good looking games.. Dont get me wrong the gameplay still has to be good but I love the eye candy.

But I have some problems

  • Sometimes my PC doesnt play ball.. the other day it just chose not to boot lol
  • My friends dont own a gaming PC to play Battle field with
  • Halo 4 is gonna be awesome but more than likely look out dated.. compared to what I have got used to
Right so heres my thought... 
What if the Xbox 720 was just a power house. It uses the same operating system as the 360 and even has all the same game releases.
Call of duty: Black Modern field 7 comes out for both.. have the same servers and controller but the 720 version runs in DX11 and might have the choice for bigger servers and maps but the core off the game would stay the same. 
Think you could carry on buying your 360 titles and when you decide to upgrade just take all your games with you.. This would also help with the publishers moaning about pre owned games. 
To be honest this could be done right now through the PC. I could buy an Xbox 720 app and then experience all this right now.
Halo 4 in 1080p, 60 FPS, AA, Tessellation and so on. But i would get to play it with my ffiends and enjoy the Live experience Microsoft offers. This could help with Piracy on the PC too.
Just a thought :)

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OK i think your on the wrong forum for this topic. Just saying.

It is my bad pretty late,, just hit new post .. I will move it

Not to worry for your "720" is on the way, many game developers are advertising job positions specifying "Next Generation Console AAA games" as their mission, RockSteady advertised such a position just last week, I still think that they should call it the NEXTBox...:-)

They can't call it the "NEXTbox" Because Telstra owns a NEXTG Mobile Network etc...

[quote user="NanoTechSoldier"]

They can't call it the "NEXTbox" Because Telstra owns a NEXTG Mobile Network etc...



There are many things trademarked 360 as well.