Xbox 720 and.... SHENMUE?

We all know soon Microsoft will announce its new Xbox. It will probably be a multimedia hub but it still needs the hardcore gamers.... but what would win the hardcore gamers' sympathy? You can understand it from the title of this discussion. Microsoft, you want to make a big impression? It's simple, call Yu Suzuki on the stage and say he will work on something Shenmue related. The whole internet would go down.... just few rumors about this game can spark huge interest on twitter, google searches..... do it and you'll make yourself a favor :)


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Go get a dreamcast.

Still waiting.......

This would be amazing! I never got to finish Shenmue 2 when I had it on the original Xbox. Shenmue 3 would be AMAZING though!

The return of the Legacy of Kain would be awesome.Also a new installment in EA's classic Strike series(Desert Strike,Jungle Strike,etc)as well as Mercenaries 3 and a seqel to Square Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics:War of the Lions