Xbox 360 with Turtle Beach X12 through hdmi/vga

Hi, I just bought Turtle Beach X12s and I have hdmi set up as well as vga both plugged into the back of the 360 except vga isn't hooked up to the TV just used for audio for the X12s I was wondering if I should buy the audio adapter in stead of using the modded vga cable...would the adapter provide better sound quality than the modded vga cable. By modded I just mean the outer shell around the connecter that goes into the back of the 360 is removed to fit in with the hdmi cable. Thanks.

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Bump..any help would be appreciated

During e3 2013 I saw a bunch of xb1 accessories one of them was a connector that went into hdmi on the xbox had a slot to insert hdmi on the back and had white and red audio connectors on the back also so for xb1 use this could be a way to use a headset