xbox 360 with keyboard


Im interested if theres any way to play games on the xbox 360 with keyboard? To be more specific, i want to know if its possible to plug in a keyboard and play FIFA with it?

I dont personally own an xbox 360, but one of my friends does and some of us get together every so often to play some FIFA, and im not very good on the controller, so im trying to find out how to play with a keyboard.

Ive seen some videos on youtube that show how to play with mouse/keyboard by using a device called XFPS. Now the mouse isnt really important to me, but the way i understood the videos is that you can only have 1 controller active while the XFPS is plugged in.

Could someone with some experience with the XFPS shed some light on this subject? Or if theres a simpler way to do this, without using this device, please share!

Thanks in advance!


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