xbox 360 wired headset is useless and faulty

originally, i purchased and Xbox 360 wired headset, included with came a controller Chat Pad.

later, about 3 months later, i purchased the xbox 360 Slim console. which also came with its own headset.

around the same time i got the new Console, my headset decided to just Stop Working. i am 24, and very careful with my "toys", nor has any little children or friends of mine gotten their hand on my headset. nobody gets their hands on my headset.

regardless, i took advantage of the warranty provided with my new console, and shipped off the broke, but perfectly intact device. then received a new one in the mail.

Now not ONE MONTH after receiving my replacement device, my primary headset has ALSO BROKE.

this time, i was being more careful than the last, and i even swapped in and out my own homemade headset from some cellphone ear buds, so i technically used them 50% less than the original set.

i got less than one month out of one of these pairs!

the "free replacement" still costed nearly 20$ in shipping and i am NOT SATISFIED with the result.

has anybody else had this problem? if so, lets discuss this!

also, what can we do? do replacement products also come with a warranty? what happens if my new replacement product breaks so soon?



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The really sad thing is, the headset is not even worth $5. But like I have always said. With the exception of controllers, official products are usually garbage. Some of their "Official" garbage headphones cost $300 like the Tritton Warheads. Meanwhile Sennheiser makes $30 headphones which are of higher quality.

just to hilariously follow up; 

i was browsing the xbox live interface, and came across a Sale which is currently being promoted by Microsoft. on this sale, is a menu item entitled Gear Up.

underneath this menu is an array of items, such as the xbox 360 320 gb harddrive, but also includes the Xbox 360 Wired headset, in all its glory.

it also comes with a price tag of 19.99$, and a great description of how it can be used to trash talk friends, chat with buddies... blah blah blah, i never even got to the end of it before i felt like throwing up.

they really SHOULD include a fancy little sticker graphic on the top, reading "1-3 month limited use!" LOL

the simple fact that they are promoting it as the official, real deal, certainly-not-crap Xbox 360 Headset, you would think it would not break just by thinking too hard into it.

in the end really, what should have i expended from mass produced crap like this. i really do believe in Microsoft. it took ALOT to get me to switch from Sony to M$ back during the days of the PS2 and other second generation? consoles... and i still am going to stick with them.

however, while i honestly think they provide a better SERVICE than many other competitors.there is little to be said for certain aspects of the business. but when issues like these raise their ugly little heads ...


You can replace those headsets all you want to. They are not made to last. Since 2002, I have been through probably 8 Microsoft headsets. Believe it or not, when I bought my Slim, while unboxing it, I actually tossed the headset to the dog. My suggestion to you would be to buy yourself a nice surround sound or stereo gaming headset. Prices range from around 50.00 all the way up to 300.00 depending on how important the audio is to you.

by the way, it is normally 30.00$ i am just finding out.

glad i got it on sale, and when it came with the new slim console :P

well, my current solution was modify some high quality cell phone ear buds from LG with integrated microphone, and to also pick up equally high quality, high def, noise cancelling headphones from Sony.

I then wrapped a thin wire around the headphones cord, about chest level, which runs to my sound system-

Then what I did, was after cutting the left ear bud from the cellphone pair, I then wrapped another thin wire around the this devices cord, right above the Mic.

the Mic, which is positioned halfway between the right ear bud, and the Male Plug  (which plugs into the XBox Controller), was eventually soldered together, than wrapped in black electrical tap with surgical precision.

I simply plug the ear bud mic into the controller, and insert it into my Right Ear;

then cover with the Sony Headphones. and Voila, excellent Audio Quality, with equally good Mic quality, with the added bonus of not being interrupted by any In Game Audio Noise or Feedback.

i also tried using no right ear bud, just the mic, and changing the audio of the in game chat to route it through the Head Phones, thinking that might be even better, and more comfortable;

the changing volumes of the in game chat, where people are frequently talking (or even when in a party with alot of people talking),  the noise of your game would simply end up butchered. and then this is when i decided to use both the Mic with Earbud, AND the Headphones.

the dilemma is that i do not ALWAYS want to play with head phones on!

I can route a simple pair of high quality headphones through my sound system and play this way, however, sometimes i want to use a Light Mic, for example, when playing with many friends in the room, or during maybe a multplayer game, or LAN party. or, again, for example, even during the day, or on weekends, when there is simply no need to use the Headphones.

its just a PAIN.

and having to buy something Third Party because the official product is DEFECTIVE (not "disposable") doesn't sound very nice. especially when the product isn't priced as "disposable". even if they do give free units away with new consoles.

the problem with the device is with the manufacturer; no device, without any damage, or even wear and tear (practically out of the package still brand new) should be malfunctioning this fast, and is really just complete insanity and poor judgement (in my opinion OFC).

anyways, you are completely right within regards to the fact that the only way to go may be turtle beach, or something third party. sad to say the least. something with the holographic Microsoft seal of approval on it, is supposed to let you know, "HEY, you can trust in the quality of this product!"???

or am i wrong?