Xbox 360 Windows Live Messenger Replacement

Does any one have any information about how it will work on the Xbox 360 when WLM is shut down next month? Since my computer when kaput, I have been keeping in touch with my contracts through the WLM section on the Xbox 360. Now with WLM getting shut down, I am left wondering what will happen next. I suppose it would be possible that Skype might form a replacement on the Xbox 360 as it does on the computers, but I would like to know if anyone has any more information? For example, will there be a series of updates for the Xbox 360 when WLM goes down, or has the groundwork for the shutdown already been laid? Also will there be some requirements added to the chat like requiring Kinect or something , because I would rather just stay with text chat. If anyone has any information about this, I would be quite glad to know.


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If your computer break, you can still use your xbox to write your friends e mails by using the IE.

No one knows when and if there will be a replacement for the messenger.

Hopefully we get some infos soon…

Hopefully a skype app comes to the dashboard

Using email through the IE app seems too slow, which is why I liked using the WLM chat that was built into the Xbox 360. I guess I was figuring since they were pushing for Skype to totally replace WLM on the computer that they would have a similar response for the Xbox 360, or at least a portion of it.

Well we will see if there will be something at the end of the month.

Other then that I have no idea how you communicate with your friends when your PC break and they don´t have an Xbox. Maybe use your cell phone to call them or use Skype on you cellphone?

My other idea would be send them messages to their phone. You can do that with your e-mail. You can change a email to reach their phone as sms lol It would be faster then to wait till they send you an e-mail back. You maybe have to stay in your email account but you would not need to wait till they log into their e mail accounts. 

Anyone have any helpful information about this, or will Microsoft just be leaving people like me in the lurch?

Perhaps they will just switch things over, like how the Outlook email screen has a similar messenger built in. Guess we will see soon enough.