Xbox 360 Slim sounds, but no power

Yesterday, I discovered that my Xbox 360 Slim would not turn on when I pressed the power button. However, the "power on" sound would play. The sound also works when I press the eject disk button, however it seems to be a little  slow. I already tried unplugging and replugging all the cords back in. This does not work. I want to mention that I noticed that the controller charging port on the front was broken. Their are two ports in the front, and the bottom one broke off. Could this of caused a short circuit? If it did, it did not happen immediately, because I noticed that the missing part of the charging port was jammed into the plug n play cord after I finished playing the Xbox. How can I fix this?

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If its still under warranty, you could send it in for repair.  

Does the light in the middle shine or is it off?

No, it just makes the bing sound.

i think you need to repair your xbox

sounds a bit like the xbox isn't detecting an output receiver. I once connected my xbox with a av-receiver which was powered off and it had the same problem. wha r the lights of ur controller indicating?