Xbox 360 Slim Power Brick replacement problem

I am looking on the replacement section of the Xbox website to get a new Xbox 360 Slim Power Supply Brick. However, I am not having much luck. I get to stage 2 (billing) and either nothing comes up or there is an error. I'm just wondering if I can walk into a gaming shop like GAME (I'm UK) and ask for a power supply as I'm not that keen on buying a cheap one off Amazon. Is this possible?


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I don't see why you couldn't and it wouldn't hurt to ask. The shop might have a spare lying around.

Easy enough to pick up an official power brick on Ebay, plenty on the UK site.

Ebay is a great place to find one. Just make sure it is an official Microsoft product. A lot of Chinese knockoffs are listed.

I managed to sort it out by ringing Microsoft and ordering a replacement over the phone. I did try to contact some stores who might sell them but it's fair to say that they were a bit useless.