Xbox 360 Slim Outside Finish

Maybe someone can clarify. With respect to the new Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB unit, is the outside of the case a dull black finish except for the sides or is the entire case front and top if the disc drive is sitting horizontal, also shiny gloss black.

I see the one's in the store and they apear dull/flat black on the top and front, yet the pictures on the box show it to be shiny.

If someone that has one can clarify that would be great.



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I hate the glossy finish on mine. not only is it a finger print magnet but it is also a scratch magnet.

Good thing I bought it when It was shiny. Because I really like the glossy look.

i just bought a new xbox 250 gig slim and its the black finish but it still looks pretty good

just cuz you don't eat junk food or have clean hands you still will get the fingerprint problem ur fingers have oil coming out every 15 to 30sec

Hi! Thanks for the info. I do remember when they were first announced comments that they had a shinny gloss finish. Some even said it would be a fingerprint magnet. The dull finish might be more practical, but aesthetically, the shinny finish I think would have complemented it more, especially due to the smaller form factor now.

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I really don't pay much attention to the finsih, as I skin all of my consoles. My PS3, Wii, Halo 3 Edition 360, PS2, Original Xbox & Gamecube are all skinned. My slim is a glossy model, which I hate. It attracts dust, shows fingerprints & scratches easily. That is actually the only console I haven't skinned, because I've got it in a Calibur 11 Vault.

All models that are being shipped now are matte finish. Some stores still sell the glossy models because they have not sold their back stock. My store has 4 250gb consoles with the glass finish left in the back room.

As of recently all new xbox 360s(They are not officially slims) have a dull matte finish instead of the shinny Sleeker finish that they originally had.

both models are switching to matte. the 250gb will no longer be glossy

My 250 gig is all nice and glossy. I just hate the big dust capturing vent on the top. I have clean hands and I don't really eat junk food so I don't have a fingerprint problem.


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