Xbox 360 Slim 320 Black Matte console?

Xbox 360 Slim 320 Black Matte console?  I am just wondering before I spend $300 on the current Black Matte which has a 250GB HDD in it.  Is Microsoft going to be making a console just black with the new 320GB HDD?


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They already have done, The new Call of duty MW3 edition of the Xbox slim version had 320GB

I imagine the 320GB will find it's way in, but who knows when. Alternatively, yeah, you could get one of the LE's. The Gears one is nice!

The LE are nice looking in all, but I don't want a console with a picture on the side.  I would rather have a Black Matte console with a 320GB HDD.

I think Microsoft is putting a 320GB HDD on store shelves soon, I'm not sure when though (maybe it's out already). If that's the case, just go with the 320GB HDD + 4GB console.  

I did that with my 360 (250GB HDD+ 4GB 360). Both the console and the HDD was on discount :D

I like matte better too :)

Luckily, all of the consoles are now matte black.