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What is the deal with Xbox Live almost everytime I turn on my xbox 360 since they update the marketplace from points to money it pop's up the Add Security. It says Your account needs to be more secure. This is the only way we can send you security codes: followed by my email address. Then it says Can you get messages there?

I click Yes, this one Works, and I have to enter a security code almost everytime I want to sign in to xbox live what is the problem?


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Hey artrip85,

The Security Question pop-up can easily be turned off by going to This Website and clicking on Security info on the left.

From there you'll be able to turn off the "Two-Step verification".

Please let us know if you have any further questions =)

It keeps doing it for me as well. I followed Brosky's advice and deleted the second email address I had set up.  It now lists two things: 1) "Learn more about two-step verification and whether it's right for you."  & 2) "Set up two-step verification"


So, I assume I turned it off?  Will it stop asking me now?

Hey there Eggnogga,

Those two links mean that your two-step verification is turned OFF.

If it was turned ON it would show a link to turn it OFF.

So, yes, it should stop asking you for information now.

I don't think deleting the second e-mail address was ever suggested........   Following thru with the verification process and selecting remember password on this console will also eliminate the login.    GOOD LUCK!!!!

I turned off the 2 step verification long ago, and it still prompts me with the process, please make a patch to fix it, it is so annoying that it still prompts for it.

I just log in by bring up the xbox menu from the large center button..

Release a patch to fix this. It is useless and a big waste of time. Nobody wants to run over to their computer or flip through their cell phone to type in a code on their controller to play a game or watch a show.

2 step security = fail.

I got sick of it asking for security proofs so I just added the xbox to the authenticator app on my windows phone. No more annoying security proofs stuff whenever I sign in anymore.