Xbox 360 scratching my games

I recently purchased COD: Modern Warfare 3 and played it for about 2 days until my 360 original put a nice circular scratch along the outside edge.  My 360 has always sat horizontally and has never been moved.  I put in an older game to see if it would do the same and sure enough the same circular scratch started to appear.  Is there any way I can get my game replaced or preferably refunded seeing as how I'm not going to play my Xbox anymore?


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Try going to a video rental store and fixing the scratch usually that takes the circular scratch out. Also what Xbox system do you have the Elite (grey Xbox fat system), Arcade (all white and no holes on the side), Arcade Bling Edition (White with holes on the side and a silver covering for the disc tray) or Xbox Slim? Usually the Elite and Arcade Editions are known to cause this Circular scratches on the disc.

Hmm.. None of the above?  Hah.  The closest one you described would be the Arcade Bling edition, except the CD tray covering is white like the rest of the Xbox (Its a REALLY old xbox, some say its a miracle it hasn't red ring of death'ed)

did you download game to hdd so the disk wont turn?

why did you move the console?

Actually I have the bling version that came out along side of the Slim edition. It isn't white its silver the old version is white, and there is a Grey version called elite but is no longer available due to constant RROD, it was one of the original Xbox 360 consoles.

Yeah. That system would cause it. It is common for that system do not put it vertical that will cause the scratching of cd but they are really easy to get out. I would reccomend up grading systems too, that is really old and I would put it away just incase if that one should fail. You can get used ones for about 100 USD at Gamestop (if there is one near you) or online

I would love to thank Xbox/Microsoft for damaging my brand new copy of Skyrim, I had the game for just a couple of days it froze up then it made weird sounds I restarted the system and took the disk out and a circular scratch was on the disk, words can't describe how mad this makes me, if it wasn't for the fact I have tons of Xbox 360 games I would go over to Playstation