Xbox 360 S Hard Drive question.


Right so I have been wanting to get another Slim for my bedroom. I all ready have a 250gb slim in my game room. But I do like to sit in my room at times and play on my PS3/old style 360. Anyhow my other 360 is not connected to live any more since my homeplug died. When i was out and about yesterday I found a Xbox 360 Arcade 4gb slim for £89 pre owned. So I bought it. Now what I have done is took the hard drive out of my 250gb slim and put it in my 4gb console. As I like the matt finish where the glossy black dose not cut it for me anymore.

So the 4gb console is now my main console with the 250gb hard drive in. My glossy black 360 s is now in my bedroom with a 8gb USB pen for my saves and profile. Now am wondering I have a old 20gb style 360 hard drive spare here. Am wondering can I just crack open the case on that and put it in one of those 360 s hard drive cases from ebay. I don't consider it as modding as the hard drive is still a official Microsoft product its just in a different case.

I have heard people get banned for putting 3rd party hard drives into there slims. But as I said the 20gb hard drive is a official Microsoft one.


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I wouldn't take apart the HDD case. It voids warranty too! Even if its official Microsoft, its still be taken apart and put back together. You could buy another one off an auction site like eBay?

Just move harddrive from one 360 to the other depending on which one you want to play on.

Or just wait till the new dashboard with cloud saving