Xbox 360 Power Brick Keeps Going Back To Red?

Okay so basically, this started happening this Friday night and I went to play halo 4 when it happened. Mid-game my screen went black, I thought it's my xbox overheating and my brother told me its the power brick because it went red. I let it rest by plugging out whatever it's connected to and the next morning I tried playing again, didn't work. Re-do what I did, unplug, plug it back, try playing, dies. It can only last for 10 minutes before the brick says "F**k you, its b***h fit time!" I looked at the brick, it has loads of dust bunnies in it, went to blow and pluck them out, Xbox lasted for another 10 minutes and dies again. I'm really fed up with it because people tell me IF it's flashing orange, you need to replace it but mine doesn't flash orange, it either stays solid red, solid orange or when the Xbox is turned on, solid green. does anyone know what to do? It's driving me insane!


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Where do you have your power brick located? It needs to be in a well ventilated area. Recently I had this happen to me. My 360 shut off and the power brick was red. It means it's overheating.

Try placing it in a ventilated area. My mistake was having my powerbrick sitting next to a wall, blocking a side of the vents, which will make it overheat fast.

if that's not the case, I suggest getting a new one. If it's still under warranty, contact Xbox support and see if they can help you out further.

Oh yea, I usually put it near the walls but lately i put it on my shelf yet its still close to the walls. Maybe i should hang it outside the window and see what happens. Thanks anyways, I'll try it once i come home!

Just make sure it has a clear path for ventilation. The power bring has vents on each side I believe, so just make sure nothing is covering it and see how it works then.

My power supply or brick went to red but we had a power surge from a storm. I have surge protectors on everything but I unpluged it waited for a minute or 2 then pluged it back in everything worked fine since then.

Unfortunately, it didn't work. I made a clear path for it, it still blacked out after 10 minutes. I placed it next to the fan so the fan would cool it down while playing, blacked out after 20 minutes. It just overheats too fast!

Make sure its well ventillised and does'nt heat up it only needs about 20cmc al around