So just today I got a new 32" Full HD 3D TV and set the Xbox 360 up on it no problem, I was watching 3D clips from a flash drive plugged into the xbox and playing games for a couple of hours, I then started looking at the Display settings to see if I had the correct 3D set-up on both my TV and Xbox. I changed some things and left the settings, when I took GTA IV out of the tray and put Gears Of War 2 in the screen went black so I checked the HDMI cable was in securely at both ends and made sure the TV was on the correct source, after checking these thing several times I decided to try componend cables instead of the HDMI, component did the same think, just a black screen.So I tryed it with composite cables and it started up no problem. I must have messed the HD settings up when I was trying out new 3D stuff.

I have tryed the Y and RS reset on startup and nothing happens. I have tried blind changing the settings as it was suggested on other forums but nothing has fixed it. I tryed the Xbox on another recently bought HD TV and it just does exacly the same. Also I have tried it with another HDMI cable and that is not the issue.

Do I need to buy a new Xbox, get mine repaired, or is this a fixable issue?



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This worked for me, not for 3d but just to see the HDTV settings.

There are Youtube videos of how to disable or enable it for times when you are blind to your TV's display like this situation. just search Xbox 360 display discovery and follow the onscreen instruction.

Display discovery only shows up on the settings screen if HDMI is plugged in but its a black screen with HDMI so I cant change it. The Y RT thing didnt work neither did the Update rollback thing.

you mentioned that it did work with the composite cables if it still does you could just go back in and reenable display discovery

or do what hayhay mentioned and clear system updates, it's really quick & you will have to redownload some updates afterwards but all your stuff should be left untouched

your choice

let us know what you did & if it solved your issue or if you're still having problems

I have been researching a lot and I remember I did change display discovery to off, I have tried blind turning it back on for hours but still not working.

Yes, i know... Each time they change the "layout", its a different kernel version that goes along with it. The base kernel gets updated each time this happens so of course you can't go back to the blades. It does change the version, but only minorly due to minor updates.

he said he has access to the system via composite so he isn't entirely out in the dark.. if it was a setting change and he recalls what he changed it would be worth a look if only to avoid it in the future

I know what the rollback does.. it doesn't "download" the old one it deletes the minor updates since it was installed it'll still be on the same dashboard version

the reason it won't let you go back to the old blade system is there was a lot more changed than just the dashboard

I'm curious to see now if he'll reply back on the thread with what he did to fix it & if it was a setting issue if he knows which one was the cause

Which is why it almost sounds like a problem in software if anything else. What the system update rollback does is just download the prior system update, but the one that has the most recent Dashboard layout change (so you can't go back to the Blade System sadly =(   ). It doesn't "reset" anything critical like network, audio, and video. I see what you mean by RS though.

reread his post & mine.. I quoted his post & I asked if it was a typo and he actually did RT+Y or if it wasn't and he mistakenly tried RS+Y

sure it might achieve the same goal but it's overkill if it does far more than just a simple reset of a setting that is causing problems

I wasn't saying it wouldn't work or anything just saying that I view that as abit overboard for a setting change now for the other reasons you mentioned in your first post that isn't the case

tbh it sounds like his xbox is specifically expecting composite and is refusing to work with hdmi or component I wasn't aware you could do that on the 360 though

He said he already did the RT+Y trick. the only further step would be the system update rollback trick as stated above. its not overkill. is the same as clearing system cache for title updates.

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