XBOX 360, Maintenance and Security

Does the XBOX 360,  require maintenance, and security? In other words, should I go to the store and install Norton 360 on the xbox 360, and run scheduled matenance tasks on my xbox 360?  I would appreciate any comments, Thanks!!


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I'm genuinely not sure if you are joking at this but I'll assume for the moment you are not.

Norton 360 is a anti-virus for the PC, it has no connection to the Xbox 360 beyond a similar name.

The 360 does run or indeed need an anti-virus program, as the console doesn't run unsigned code and as yet no-one has yet broken that signature.

What Vote said ^

All you have to worry about is keeping your credentials and personal information safe, as well as access to your account.

Thanks guys, you may already know,  I'm new to the Xbox issues!