Xbox 360 HELP!!

So my Xbox 360 will no longer read discs. dvds work. But not games. It makes this weird noise. If I try like 15 times eventually it works. But not straight away. I've had

it for like 6 years. im also saving for a one currently but my god I'm missing online gaming. What I'm wondering is..if I download the game I want to play, straight to my Xbox rather than using the disc, will this allow me to play the game I want too? I don't want to go ahead & buy said game if it's not going to make a difference.

urgent advice needed. Thanks guys.


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Sounds like your disc drive is on it's way out.

Yes,you would be able to play a digital version of a game.It plays off the hard drive so wouldn't need the disc drive to work.

Try a lens cleaner on your 360.

If no joy i can't see why a downloaded game should not work, try and download a demo or trial or one of the free games with gold first before buying the said game just to make sure.

You should never use any type of lens cleaner on your console

@Daft Badger   Why? i had an old xbox 360 that would not read any discs, it acted the same as the op's, so i bought my son a new console (the e) and put the one that wouldn't read discs downstairs on the spare tv to use it for download only games for a bit of system link.

As i was sorting a box out i found a old lens cleaner so i popped it the 360, once it did it's thing i ejected and tried a game.... it still reads discs to this day, about 2 years on.

Also what harm can it do? it's not reading discs at the moment so the op has nothing to lose??? would i use a lens cleaner on a fully working console? No! but one with this sort of problem? why not!

You were lucky.You are right,the op has nothing to lose but I suggest you read the manual,using a lens cleaner can really mess up the lens on a games console & is not recommended , it would also void any warranty that you had on it.

@Daft badger

The op has had the console for 6 years! what warranty would he void? if he had his own cover through game or currys for example surely he would of just claimed already?

Mess up the lens??? you do realise he said it isn't reading discs right? i can't see the lens being up to much at the moment since it isn't reading his discs! unless of course it could just be covered with dust!

Using a lens cleaner on a new under a year old console, yes i would agree with you it would be better just getting a replacement but a 6 year old console! whats the op got to lose, it isn't reading disc now so it will rather fix the problem like it did for me or err? not fix the problem!

As I said,you're right,the op has nothing to lose but you are not meant to suggest using a lens cleaner on any console,no matter how old it is,on the forums

I suggest that the OP should lose his gamertag.........

Lol,yeah,just noticed that.It'll get a forced name change if they don't change it.

If its the disc drive that is having the issue then buying the games through the live market place should work fine as everything that is needed to run it is downloaded to the HDD.

As an side thought, maybe try installing the disc to the xbox (press x i think to view the options when over the 'play game'). This means less info is needed from the disc so may help if its a problem with disc reading...

PS Installing the game from disc still requires the disc to play whereas buying it from the market does not

Hope this helps :)