Xbox 360 hard drive to use as external hard drive on xbox one

Years ago i purchased a 320 gb hard drive for the xbox 360 slim. I now have a xbox one but storage on my xb one is almost full. I have a xbox 360 hard drive transfer cable and i tried connecting the 360 hard drive to the xbox one but was only showing up as media storage. Ide like the know if there is a way to utilize my 360 hard drive for the xbox one for future use as storage. Plus now with the backwards compatibility comming to xbox one my 360 hard drive has many add ons and game storage so i wont have to spend all that time re-installing.


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One way might be to take apart the HDD case and take the 320GB HDD out and put it in a external USB HDD enclosure. Would mean formatting it and losing whatever was on it so the Xbox One could actually use it. I believe to use the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature you have to download the entire disc data from Xbox Live and your physical disc will be only used as a key you can't install the disc like you do on the 360.

I honestly wouldn't bother since purpose made external USB 3.0 drive above 1TB is going to give you a bunch of advantages. Faster USB 3.0 load times, enough space you won't fill it up in a few months, and a drive really meant for long term external use and standby. Standby is pretty important if you use the instant on with automatic background updating.