Xbox 360 Graphics Quality Raised by New Tech


Developers have recently gotten the Xbox 360 to use an MLAA anti-aliasing technique that levels the playing field for the two console when it comes to graphics. The best looking PlayStation 3 games of this generation used this MLAA technology which was implemented using five of the consoles SPUs to compensate for RAM limitations that it had.

The development technique produced superior results to what the Xbox 360 was using, which was a traditional MSAA (multi-sample-anti-aliasing). This was one of the major reasons that you saw a quality gap in third party games between the two consoles at the onset of the generation, and in some cases more recently. It had been thought that the Xbox 360 would not be able to match this graphical output, but it appears that a development team has got the technique working on the Xbox 360.

This could be a big gust of wind for the Xbox 360's almost six year old sail, one which analyst's believe is beginning to show it's age. Whether developers will be able to take and implement these new findings in upcoming games to deliver noticeably better gaming experiences has yet to be seen.


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It will all depend on if it can be added to an ongoing project or has to be built in from the start a games development.

Isn't this old news from a while back?

Also, a new AA tech ain't gonna make that much difference really.

It's not really new technology. MLAA is already in use by PCs and has been for quite a while now. I suppose it's new for consoles though how it will affect performance is a different story. And to answer an above question, it should be able to be added to an ongoing project because in essence it's just a filter.

So which PS3 games are using MLAA?

God of War 3 and Killzone 3 I believe?  There may be others, I think I read somewhere Uncharted 3 is going to use it, but I can't find where now so not 100% sure about this

Heavy Rain uses MLAA.

MS should just bring the xbox 3 out already.