XBOX 360 - Front USB ports verses Rear USB ports for USB-Memory-Sticks

Perhaps I put my first thread in the wrong forum...


Basically, I have two functional USB-Memory-Sticks

They work in the two front USB ports on the XBox360 = Formatted, and have profiles stored on them - no problem.

Neither USB-Memory-Stick work when placed in the four rear USB ports - not even recognized on the back USB ports, as in the little light doesn't flash on them at all.

Doesn't matter which of the four rear ports are used.

I have an Infinity2.0 pad plugged in to the rear USB ports. I have plugged it in on all four ports, it works on all four rear ports

I've cold booted the XBOX360 with the USB-Memory-Stick inserted in to one of the rear-usb ports, removed and then re-inserted, and just about every combination of cold and warm boots and plug and un-plug of the USB-Memory-Sticks I can think of... and the only time they are recognized are when they are in one (or both) of the front USB ports.


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