Xbox 360 External Hard Drives

Hi everyone.

I had a quick question about connecting an external HD to my xbox 360.

I just bought the Microsoft Xbox 2Tb Game Drive from the MS Store.
It's a drive that can be used for either the Xbox one or Xbox 360.

I already have one for the xbox one and it works great.

However, I'm wondering if it will have the same affect on the 360?

I want install all of my games on this external drive and play the games off it.

I hear it can be slow because even though the drive is a USB 3.0 drive.
The xbox 360 uses USB 2.0, which can cause slow loading times/

Has anyone had any personal experience installing games on external drives and playing off them for the xbox 360?



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I haven't personally used that particular drive, but Seagate hard drives are known to have some issues on the 360. Since that one is made for a 360 it might not have the same issues, but just a heads up.