XBox 360 Elite Freezing during boot up until I remove Hard Drive help!

Craziest thing and it seems to be in the boot up sequence. I have the XBox 360 with the 320 Gb hard drive. I turn on with the hard drive in the 360 and it goes through the initial XBox logo screen then right after that freezes where the grey is colored circle is going around like it is loading and thinking. It will remain in this state for over 1 minute. I then remove the hard drive while it is in this state and it will reboot, remain on and go right to the main menu. I can then reinstall the hard drive while it is still powered on and it will reboot again and load just fine and recognize the hard drive and function completely normal. If I reboot it again by turning the system off then on again, I get the same result of freezing. If I remove the hard drive and do a hard reboot, it will freeze on the XBox logo screen. I have cleared cache, formatted hard drive and installed latest update and come up with same result. Sounds like a hard reboot glitch and hope someone can help me out! Thank you - Mary

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