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I logged into gears of war 3 today to find that all my ribbons had been erased along with being reset to level 1 experience.  The first thing that came to mind was to reach out to epic the creator of the game.  Upon calling them I was told that any technical questions concerning this product should be referred to the publisher of the title (ie: Microsoft).  So I Called Xbox and was told that I need to speak with a specialist from the live department.  I was asked a number of questions such as If this is the only game that this had occurred in.  I was then given the telephone # for Epic's Tech support 858-720-3900 (which by the way is disconnected) and another # 800- 287-2404 which not surprisingly referred me to call Microsoft the publisher of the title. I was then told by a Microsoft employee that perhaps it was something that I did that resulted in my reset.  I did not appreciate that this individual would make conclusions about my online actions without any proof.  This gave me the feeling to boycott epic and Microsoft because no one wanted to  take the time to genuinely help me to resolve this issue.  Instead they kept passing the buck sending me the consumer in circles.  What should have been done is a warm transfer from xbox to Epic with the customer on the line.  This would have demonstrated a Genuine effort to resolve the issue for the customer who has patronize the live service for over 8 years and have spent  money on and assortment of titles during that period.  Keep in mind there are other services that offer online play for free (PSN).

"If you have had a similiar experience please share with the community.  I can only hope that Microsoft addresses this issue and continues to improve the live experience.


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You being reset in gears has nothing to do with Microsoft's Xbox LIVE service. Sorry to say but you got reset by epic and if they reset you then you obviously did something to deserve a reset. Rather you know it or not or don't want to admit it.

Wasn't there something in Gears 2, that when if you signed in while the game was loading... didn't it reset your rank?  Dunno if this is anything like that?  Or, of course.. the OP did something shady and Epic reset him.

update it appears that my profile which was on USB and my save game file on my hard drive can't be apart. I Transferred my profile to headpiece and now it is correct. However customer service initial response that I had done wrong and lack of assistance is terrible for a paid service

I don't know. Reading your initial post you don't say the MS rep accused you of anything. They (your words here) said "perhaps" and then you took that as a great injustice to yourself and felt wronged.

I don't know why Epic was passing you off, but the Microsoft rep(s) you talked to are right. They have NO control over stat resets or anything like that so logically they can't help you. That's not a publisher issue, that's a developer issue. So, if you want to hate on anyone hate on Epic.

So, if you had this same issue with say Sony and  Naughty Dog would you then complain that they were doing it because you didn't have a PSN Plus Sub? Seriously that whole "I pay for this..." got old about 3 years ago.

You got your issue fixed. The people at Epic were the ones that should have helped you. That's the bottom line.