Xbox 360 Controller Won't connect?

Hello, I recently noticed a problem its that my xbox controller will not connect to my xbox 360. I've read many posts and forums but none seem to have a solution that works. Take in mind that I have had this Xbox 360 Arcade since 2008. This thing is a beast and has worked perfectly (up untill this point) and even has gone so far as to have survived 8 RED RINGS of Death. I cannot make this up. I've had 3 Complete Red Rings which means the console is beyond F*%ked along with the other different types of red rings that you can get. I never did any stupid towel trick, I simply left the console off or turned it back on again. My friends and I have yet to understand how this Xbox Arcade is still kicking since all of them witnessed these first hand.

Currently I'm in my 3rd year of college and noticed when I brought it home I doesn't want to connect. Nothing around it is on. Nothing that could interfere, I've tried re-syncing it. I have noticed that when both the console and the controller are off, if I hold the xbox button on the controller, the console will turn on like normal, but won't connect to the controller. (perhaps thats just a normal thing). I'll continue to fiddle with it. I've tried directly connecting the controller without a battery pack to the xbox via charging cable but it still doesn't recognize the controller. I'm certain I'll get it to work but a little help may be needed with this.


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Actually I did find out what was wrong, just like my xbox, its got its quirks, one of them being this I found out shortly after posting this. In order for my controller to totally connect to my xbox, my TV has to be on.... I'm not sure if that is normal, due to using an HDMI chord?

Either way it works fine now and I will say, my controller is broken in beyond belief, to the point nobody else likes using it aside from me. The joysticks stick and often cause gaming to be a headache for my friends.

I will consider getting a replacement for my old controller since I am over due a newone. I do like customizing the look of my controller, I'll normally take it apart and give the shell a custom paint job and intricate designs. I've seen the custom controllers at stores but I've never found those to be appealing. Thanks for the suggestion though, it has me thinking on another design for my new controller.

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