Xbox 360 Bluetooth headset question.

I just recently purchased this Xbox 360 wireless Bluetooth headset and I was wondering if anyone else experiences this problem....No matter how low I put the volume on my tv and the headset all my friends can still HEAR the background sound on my room. It's like the headset not only picks up my voice but EVERYTHING else in the room. It even picks up the wind blowing on the ceiling fan. I was just wondering if this is a defective issue with the headset, or maybe I can turn down the mic sensitivity. The regular headset that came with the system doesn't seem to pick up any background noise at all even if my tv is blaring loudly. I'm so very confused. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.


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I am not too sure, but it does sound strange. Is it one of the official wireless headsets?

Yup it is! It's the Microsoft Xbox 360 licensed Bluetooth headset. Basically the only way I can use this headset is if I mute it when not talking and then unmute it when I want to say something and mute it back. But this doesn't really work that well because doing this requires me to constantly click mute button on and off. I'm just wondering if all of these products just have a high sensitivity or mine is just slightly defective. You would think a mic with high sensitivity would be an awesome thing but it's not when everyone on your team can hear everything going on lol especially the sounds to the game they're playing.

People can pick up music in the background with mine, but as for picking up the sound from a ceiling fan, it does sound like its a little over sensitive. Sorry, I wish I could help more.