Xbox 360 Black Ops 2... any gamertag with "[Mod Removed]" in it.

Gamers who still play Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360. Beware of gamertag [Mod Removed]. Check the top scores on black ops 2, you will see the top 75 have [Mod Removed] with added characters (he keeps getting banned I assume). I was playing one time, playing core team deathmatch, I was killed once before the countdown timer ended, and the game ended before it started. [Mod Removed] won 1-0. I went to theater to see what occurred. I checked [Mod Removed] player, he was controlling the game, and ended it before it started. I checked his previous games, and found that's all he does, play game after game, ending the games 1-0, he does this over and over, until he gaines best top score under that [Mod Removed] gamertag. After checking this, I went back to playing, avoiding games he was in. I noticed after several days my stats were locked out. My stats no longer improved when checking game to game. So I did a reset under prestige. My stats still would not register, until after two months of playing. So each player [Mod Removed] kills, he effects those players stats as well (like a virus). This guy from what I was told has a modded xbox 360, he hacks games. If you don't believe me, go into a black ops 2 game. Go to leaderboards where it shows your stats. Click on Y change to ALL, after that hit X, to go to the top scorers. Find one of the [Mod Removed] gamertags, until you find one that has been used recently in games. For example: Select one of the [Mod Removed] gamertags, go to where you can view his recent games, pick one to take you to theater mode. All you will see is his scores are always 1-0. Watch it, he controls the game with a hacker menu, kills someone before the game even starts and ends the game at the same time. My bet is every player he kills, he receives all there stats and also locks up any future stats that will lock up, like mine did. I don't know why this idiot does this hours and days and months on end. Where's the enjoyment of competition. Repeatly doing this must get monotonous and boring. Too me [Mod Removed], if your reading this, you have issues and microsoft my bet is know who you are, and where you are. Someday you will get yours, what you do onto others, someday someone will do to you. If it was my choice you should be in prision, I bet you have been hacking more then games, your probably one of those people that steal peoples identity's. [Mod Removed] NEEDS TO BE BANNED FOR LIFE , never to be given access to any gaming, ever.


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FYI -- You can't "name & shame" here on the forums.

If you feel a specific gamer is cheating/modding, then use the tools on your console to report said player.

I have done this and this clown continues to do what he does, and he ruins games for everone. I mean really, I am trying to make everyone to BEWARE of this gamer ( if you want to call him that). There is nothing stopping him. [Mod removed] is the only repeated gamertag on the top 75 scores, when will Microsoft step in an really do something to stop this fool. Why should anyone who pays monthly fees have to continually put up with him. I failed to mention, that each time he is online, maybe it's a coincidence or not, my xbox signs me out of xbox live, I get a message, sign-in status change. It takes me over an hour of resetting my modem and router to be able to just get back online. After I get back online, I check to see who's online, and WOW one of obesitylag newest gamertags is there playing and wrecking havoc again, just hacking games. The forum is the only place apparently that I can vent my frustration about this situation. You got any other suggestions, I shouldn't have to check who I'm playing against to avoid being hacked again. Plus there is always the fear of being joined into his hacked game. There should be a way to contact someone in the gaming industry,  so they can investigate who this is, or for them to put better gaming parameters in place to prevent this from ever from happening at all. $7.99 a month fimes all the people that have acounts, I would say that at least over 1 million paying customers Xbox has, that makes close to 8 million dollars microsoft makes monthly on all of us. We knows it's more then that, so why isn't more being done to solve end this issue. Because no one cares about these people, as long as the money is in, customer base hasn't dropped significantly,  then nothing ever will be done. Venting sucks, but I love to play, but also hate it when thing like this go on. Mostly since this happened I don't join in games against regular players as much now. My friends feel the same, they only want to play in custom games. Games are supposed to fun to play, not being hacked by identity thiefs looking to steal my identity. I'm sure there is more people like obesitylag out there doing this crap. I know games get hacked, but not like what he's doing. Like I said, if you hvae any suggestions on who I can contact, I love to hear who I can contact.

There is NO ONE to contact. All you can do is report and block him via the console. That is ALL you can do. You may very likely receive a forum ban for "naming and shaming" again after being told not to and having the earlier instances redacted though.