Xbox 360 and Skype?

Just wandering I have noticed they are fazing out Windows Messenger and introducing Skype, so my question does anybody know if they are going to bring Skype to the 360 or are they just going to get rid it of it on the 360? or are they just going to wait until the next gen and introduce Skype on there?


Thanks in Advance for the answers


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that why I not  moved on to Skype yet. I personaly would waited until there big gaming brand got a way to go to skype before I flip the switch to the off prosistion on that services.

Actually, I'm pretty sure they will eventually replace Video Kinect with Skype. Since with Video Kinect you can video chat with someone who's using their laptop via LIVE Messenger. So replacing that with Skype shouldn't be hard.

Why would I want to talk to people over a webcam, I don't like talking to people face-to-face in the real world, infact I hate just about everyone I know.



Allways the same problem with MICROSOFT...

Theys replace the msn with SKYPE, I NOT WANT BUY XBOX ONE TO USE SKYPE  !!MICROSOFT !!!

Why cant they just keep both kinect video and Skype options ya know but Skype is allot better quality imo.