Xbox 360 & Logitech K400 k/b with touchpad -- and using k/b + pointing devise with Xbox as a TV 'remote'

I have the k/b mentioned above. The keys work great in the xbox, but there is absolutely no response from its touchpad. My soul purpose for a k/b - mouse combo is to use as a tv 'remote'. Using the Microsoft controller  provided specifically, in sites like Amazon Prime, I can navigate to the show I want to view, but, using the <A> key on the controller cannot activate that last link that actually PLAYS the show. It is completely dead. The K400 works great in all respects when attached to a LAPTOP, then to a tv. I have a Kinect, which works GREAT. As for now, the Kinect is the only thing we use the Xbox for -- I'm not a gamer, I'm a tubbo using the Kinect exercises trying to become a former tubbo. But if I could find a pointer that works, I would also use the k/b mouse combo as a tv remote with the Xbox plugged directly into the tv.

Solution? suggestions? disappointments?


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