Xbox 360 3D is amazing! But where is the passive 3D support? I only know of two games that will work with passive 3d

Very few Xbox 3d games that actually work with passive 3d :( I can't even find a list. It doesnt even clarify on the cover for Pete's sake! Thought gears 3, nba 2k11 and other "3D" games would work but so far just batman Arkam City and sonic generations are the only games that are passive 3D compatible. Does anyone know where I can find a list of passive 3d compatible games? I LOVE 3D HDTV!!! Soooo under rated! So good.

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Are you talking about anaglyph games for TVs that aren't natively 3D or your TV is actually 3Nd, just uses passive glasses? Here is a list.

Firstly ALL stereosopic 3D games are compatible with both active and passive 3D. If it doesn't work then it's likely you're playing a game that only supports the old half-resolution 3D modes. Change the 3D options in the game (side-by-side or top-bottom) then change the 3D options in the TV using the remote to match the 3D mode you set in the game.

To date most Xbox 360 3D games use half-resolution side-by-side or top-bottom 3D output. Only since the recent 3D dashboard update has the 360 supported native 3D but very few games use it so far (e.g. Arkham City). If you're given a choice of side-by-side or top-bottom choose top-bottom for passive 3DTV's because they're physically half the vertical resolution anyway. For active 3DTV's you can choose either but generally side-by-side works best as you don't notice the resolution drop as much (there are more pixels horizontally).

For a complete list of 3D Xbox 360 games see our web site:

Good job Fortunity.