xbox 1/3 or maybe 1/8 not one thats for sure --- xbox live

the sony loyalist that i am and i was proud that an "American" company could make gaming, especially online, more enjoyable than the tried and true playstaion! So several months ago (6) I preorder this junk instead of the PS4 because the xbox live, although expensive at $70 annually, seemed to me more reliable than the hit or miss experience i have had online with the playstation, was I ever wrong! As my exorbitantly priced, monstrous block of turds, xbox one tries to figure out how to load a game i'm happily playing my PS3 online. Contemplating Apple purchases because email and IE11 are incompatible as well as some of my online bill-pay sites. maybe Chrome is the answer. Google does voice recognition better than micro soft, wish they made a game console. Xbox One, definitely not! More like XBox 1/2!  or 1/3 or 1/16 not a complete console! And as of 4pm on a monday i cant log on to xbox live (Gold, which i PAY for) for some unknown reason. I DO NOT SEE THE HUMOR IN THE STATEMENT "the entertainment you love in one place" cause im not finding any entertainment. Forza 5 plays after a three day install but only six tracks work. this thing is terrible the only thing about xbox one that worked are the commercials.... I FEEL DUPED!!! 

This new generation has some sort of genetic mutation and its not a positive one

MIcrosoft, I hope your stock bottoms out at a tenth of a cent and you rich sickos starve to death. I work hard for my money and you STEAL you STEAL you should be facing criminal charges!!!

SONY!! APPLE!! GOOGLE!!!     anyone but microsucks


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