xbone sound problems


Has anyone else out there experienced problems with the xbone sound. I can be playing online or watching a blu-ray movie, and for some reason the sound on my tv gets muted and I have to press the tv remote control mute function to turn it off mute. I do not have this problem when playing with the 360 or watching normal tv it is only when I am using the xbone console. 

Ady H


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Is it Kinect picking up on something you're saying and muting the audio by mistake?

I do not think so as this also happens when we watch a movie. It seems as if the xbone is sending a mute signal to the tv.

Is the Kinect picking up on the movie audio itself and mistaking it for a voice command? It's been known to happen.... I've had it happen with Netflix and Youtube.


If it is bugging out and muting audio randomly then I'm not sure what to suggest.