Xbone Beaten to bits by stroppy 9 year child!

Self repair is against Code of Conduct!

How stupid. Rather than have you give me no help by deleting my post, i had rather hoped you could give me some links!

Thanks then............


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I would love to see somebody smash a PS4, I hate that console to death.

^Why do you hate a console? has it wronged you in some way? ;) haha

Why I hate the PS4:

1. No good exclusives (with the exception of Bloodborne)

2. Awful online community & fan base

3. Better controller than the PS1/2/3, but not better than Xbox One controller

4. No external HDD support

5. PS Camera is nothing compared to the Kinect

6. If the built-in battery on your PS4 controller completely dies out, then you have to buy a new controller.

7. PlayStation Network is still terrible

8. Inferior Multiplats

9. $ony stopped Bandai Namco from bringing Godzilla to the Xbox One in favor of making it exclusive to the PS4

10. Poor durability (my sister has already went through 3 PS4s because of the defective disc drive)

Hate is a rather strong word to use for something that is a material thing.  That's like saying that I hate concrete, because it hurts when I punch it.

Anyways, I'm not exactly sure what the OP is going on about, but I thought at this point, I'm pretty sure no one over the age of 13 still refers to it as the "xbone".  Usually, we call it the Xbox One, XOne, or just One.

I'm interested to know what this thread was actually about.

I agree with the above, how can you hate a console? Ok I've had bad experiences with certain brands over the years, whether it be TV's, phones etc. I wouldn't say I hate them though.

Each to their own.

OP......   my question is why would a 9 year old child beat a console to bits?  And if they did, why would you rebuild or give it back to them?


X1 XBone call it what you will. Well over 13 btw. And by some margin. Posted for some help putting it back together in another post. But that got deleted as self repair is against 'Code of Conduct' you see..

Rather than help they delete it.

Not my kid. I've chosen to keep it, and make sure it has a decent life..

Some kid vs adult wrestling match over an X1 resulted in X1 being left in pieces. OP wanted to find parts to replace the damaged ones.  Rag decided to turn this one into yet another "Why I hate the Ps4" thread.  

Ahh..... can you tell school is out for the summer.........

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