Xbox live is so annoying

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A well thought out, insightful thread,well done.

This is about xbox1, one of the features lets your friends play on your gold account if they come to your house, that's just ridiculous

The 360 let's you do that and you could use your account on any 360 console, but the xbox1 does not let you play on another console, all Microsoft staff make the new feature sound so new and cool, it bs


So do you agree

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I think you might be misunderstood.  So you'll be happy to know that it is in fact really cool.   If you have a Gold Sub and you have an Xbox One console that's your "home console" anyone can sign into that console and use Gold Features with their own free/silver gamertags.  If you have an Xbox One but not Gold and I come over and sign in, you can use your Xbox as a Gold Sub Xbox until I sign out and go home.    Additionally, you can access all of my games while I'm there signed in and use it with your gamertag.