XBLA Update Locks Console

Hello all,

This is my first issue with an xbox in over 4 years.  I bought via the marketplace GTA San Andreas, and after downloading it states that an XBL update is required to play the game connected to XBL (for leader boards I assume??).  Any way EVERY time I hit "Download now" the screen switches to the Xbox guide window (it does NOT load the guide content, or in other words its just a white box with the system clock showing in the top right).  The system is at this point locked up, however the clock continues to advance and the system knows (from looking at the rings) when the controller drops out or reconnects, so his tells me that the system is not locking due to a hardware fault.  

I reboot (manually, I do have to get up and push the button).  Then relaunch, same thing.

If I tell it "cancel" rather than download now, the game plays without problems.  But then my friends can't see that I'm on, since im not connected to XBL.

Anyone know whats going on?? Or what I can do?? I will not 8004MYXBOX as I do not need a script reader, I need someone who knows whats up.  And for the record I googled the hell out this before posting.




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