XBLA Needs To Be On on Xbox One Soon

XBLA Needs To Be On on Xbox One (XO) For A Few Reasons

If Microsoft were to carry over XBLA to the XO then think about all the happy paying gold members they would be supporting. That at least would be an incentive to switch. I have quite a few digital purchases on XBLA . Would it take much to research patches in order to have those games run on the new hardware? I think we need this feature as it would be a significant hit to Sony and what they are doing. Sony does not even have anything close to the library XBLA has or it's structure. Plus I think developers especially Indies would love that you care about continuing exposure of there games across platforms. This could be your trojan horse to usher in digital purchasing in this new generation. Mark my words this is needed.

Microsoft, please bring XBLA over to XO and you will convince me to move over from X360.

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It's not just new hardware but also new software.

The One has a different operating system to the Xbox 360. All games would need to be worked on.

You're correct but that doesn't mean they could come up with a solution to start a software pack for the developers, especially the ones who used XNA to develop on. If Microsoft can do that and start to roll out a few games down the road and give that to the registered developerS then maybe it can work. Microsoft would just need to roll out games on a per case basis. Plus publishes who already have their games up wouldn't have to wait for certification. I'm sure this is something that can be done down the road. Phil Spencer may have already mentioned they are looking into it if there is a lack of content.


Don't hold your breath.

I'm a little confused by this thread.  In the original post you're asking from Xbox Live Arcade games to be brought over to the Xbox One, but they already exist in the form of games like "LocoCycle", "Crimson Dragon", "Strider", "Peggle 2", "Powerstar Golf", etc.  They might not be called "Arcade" games, but that's essentially what they are.  

However, in your next post you eluded to Indie games instead (which I'm assuming is what you really meant), but then you mentioned the "ID@Xbox Games" project that is coming with games such as "Fru", "Gunscape", "Divekick: Addition Edition", "Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut", etc.  

I need to ask, if an Indie game program is already coming, why are you requesting it?