XBL Clans Please

can you guys add clans to XBL? This way you can find ppl from a clan your are in when you play other games (without add them). games without clan, we will be able to use this.  Then Dev/Pub can use it in their games so they don't had to add it. (so it work) This way we don't need to make a clan within every game that come out.

How it can work

1. someone start the clan

2. clan are request only (So ppl that who don't like clans are not bother)

3. Clan leaders can be vote on by clan member

4. you can sort member list by the game you want to play.

5. Customizable emblems like BF4 or CoD (you can make it so it had to get approved first)

6. Clans had their own website like lonewolves.enjin.com/ (maybe you can partner with a site like them.)


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Maybe head over to the Wishlist/Feedback area and post your suggestion there.

Good Luck!!!