XB1 first 3 hours.

Ok guys this is how its run gamer to gamer...went to game at 11.30pm I was home by 12,18pm no dramas at all,unboxed everything that was in the day one was there,its gorgeous.

1:the initial install and doing the connect and connecting to the internet took 11 minutes.

2:360 profile logged in and totally useable dashboard 15 minutes.

3:The kinect is amazing its works 100% no trouble at all,its faster than using the controller.

4:party chat is amazing through the kinect.

5:I was able to play forza 5 in 10 minutes,and continued while it installed.

6:you wouldnt noticed any difference of native 720 as in the settings its default 1080,with 24,30,36 pixels per frame.

7:installing bf4 now,already 40%.

8i am over joyed with how it is running,and to touch the top of it on the shiny side its actually cool to touch now running 3 hours,all the apps on 360 are avaliable,not got to that yet,not tryed the tv yet,evetything needs to be installed.

Overal its mindblowing the graphics on forza are stunning,the controller well you have to play its unreal,with the triggers.hope this clarifies that ms have done us proud.happy gaming to all.


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I'm glad your initial experience sounds flawless so far. I hope it's the same for myself. Being on the west coast though, I'll be expecting some slow downloading times by the time I'm home and setting up my console.

Awesome man! Thanks for the info!

I can't wait to get Forza tomorrow

Totally agree with you saber been playing for 3 and half hours and this is something else. Switching and snaping between games and tv is awesome.

That is really good to hear you are having a positive experience. I hope all goes smoothly for all of us.

I just want to add,on disk copy instillation you need to have the disk inside to play,now digital downloads,obviously the snap feature will be fully functional which will be ace,my friends is having instillation issues with his digi fifa,at present,im disk all the way and it has been fine so far.

Also a little more on the kinect install,wen it asks you to be total silent,bectotally silent and wen it asks you to turn up your tv , turn it up max,and again dont let a pin drop.

Ok from the time I started this thread to now bf4 is now 99%.I will let ya know.

Was same for me not one problem the patch took me 30 seconds I installed FIFA and been on it since I'm loving it

Is ur friend FIFA problem with him getting online on FIFA coz it was a security Q if so tell him to sign in online and he should be fine I went on the origin site and did it there

Can't wait, Only about 2 more hours for me here!

The bumper aren't as good on the new controller, you sort of have to wrap your finger all the way around it, otherwise your finger will be too far in the middle top and it won't click :\


Other than that good experience

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