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Why is it that we are not getting Arcade "trial / demos" for the new XBLA releases? We have always had them and you must have a good to great conversion of purchases on the 360, so why are we asked to pay first and, if you don't like a game, .... tough bunnies?! Really strange some of the glaring omissions you have made, no Arcade demos, everything having costly "micro{really macro} transactions", or a REAL BIG ONE, no battery status for our controllers (so they don't die during our purchases or Multi Player gaming sessions). For us gamers/customers who are supporting the launch of a new console release these are head scratchers indeed. Are these things that are "coming" in some distant future or is this a new "Business Model" aimed at squeezing every single hard earned dime and dollar we have?

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I understand where your coming from! I think its game developers choice to add demos/trials or not but I'm sure in the upcoming months will see more trials before you make a purchase..Theres quite a few demos available now though! I'm almost positive they will roll a update fixing some of the kinks soon

I've been thinking about this as well.  The one thing that crosses my mind is that now, at the release of a new console, people are hungry for games.  There are only a few launch titles and, after people work their way through those, they'll be wanting something new to show off their shiny new box.  Developers/publishers can release their games during this window with no demos that could scare off potential buyers, and people will scarf them up.  I mean, why make a demo for your game when there's nothing else to play, right? :)


I agree with the post above that more demos will become available as we move forward, because more games will be coming out and developers/publishers will be seeking to deferentiate themselves from everything else on the market... :)