x41 Voice feedback issue

I have a pair of Turtle Beach x41s.  When I change the voice preferences on my xbox to play thru headset, the voices come thru muffled.  But when I change it to play thru speakers or both, it is fine.  Everyone can hear me fine on all of them.  Anyone have any ideas on what the issue is?  I was thinking I need a new talk back cable.


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So I have x41's as well. They come with a little receiver that operates on 2.4Ghz feq. Do you have other 2.4Ghz devices in your house? Like a Wireless router or Baby Monitors? This will cause that audio distortion when using them wirelessly. Try moving the receiver a little closer and that should clear up the symptoms

i would say not to keep your cell phone or router near it.  there has been alot of solar flares recently too, all kinds of screwy happenings have been going on as of late.  might clear up.