X41 to Xbox one compatibility issues

hi there, i have Turtle Beach Ear Force X41's for my 360. I've recently upgraded to the one and have been having issues with them. they are designed to use the optical output as they use Dolby. this function works perfectly fine until i plug the chat cable in. once i do this i believe the Dolby is being overridden by the stereo sound (which is a bummer but i can live with that) my main issue is chat itself. x41's are wireless headphones and have 2 volume controls. one on the ear-cup for game sounds and an in-line volume control for chat. but that's not what's happening. the ear-cup volume controls SOME game sound and the in-line controls both chat and the rest of the game sound. i therefore cannot turn my friends up without turning the game up too. meaning if i cant hear them I cant turn them up to hear them? any kind of assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. I hope together we can resolve this as its doing my head in!  


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