X12 and XBOX ONE

I know the X12 won't work on next gen for chat, but I'm hoping they will work just for audio. Anyone know? Next Gen headphones and an adapter for current headphones are scheduled for 2014 so I've read. Thanks. 


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Xbox One and Headsets Compatibility info:

1 Xbox One and Headsets Compatibility

The Xbox One game console is scheduled by Microsoft for release in November 2013. Microsoft has informed its partners that the hardware and software necessary for headsets to provide optimal game and chat quality on the Xbox One will be available in early 2014. Our XO Four and XO Seven headsets will be launched at that time. Release dates will be shared as soon as they are available.

Microsoft has not made additional information regarding chat compatibility for current-generation headsets available.

We can confirm that our surround sound headsets will be able to connect to the Xbox One for full Dolby® Digital Surround Sound game-only audio using the console’s built-in digital output. Our headsets that can connect using a digital optical cable include:















XP Seven





Any additional information will be posted here as soon as it is available.

This is what I found at Turtle Beach and thought I would share. Hope it helps.

Spot on sir ....thanks for the info .....Xbox are only interested in making money .i now have spent over £500 in one day ..the net result I am playing my 360 and the xbox1 is back in its box ....I have a wife and young child that do not want to hear the sound coming from the tv when I'm playing zombies.....some one at Xbox should be getting a kick in the backside for this .....can anyone think of any other electrical equipment that as audio coming out of it that does not have a socket so you can put headphones into it .........Sony must be laughing there heads off and rubbing there hands WAY TO GO XBOX.

I can connect my earforce Delta headset but can only get sound from the stereo setting not surround sound. Is this the best I can do for now? Xbox changing the input jack for chat is cynical and unnecessary, it is also a pretty cheap looking system plasticky prongs and all.

hay there guys i've got the x12 to just wondering is there a cunverter i can get to change the s/pdif out to to analog foor my headset

I wasn't slamming Turtle Beach or Xbox, simply sharing info I found. But I agree about having to spend more money on what we already own. The X12 work for audio but I don't know about surround. Game on.

Just to clarify I have everything connected through my TV. Also I'm using a DSS1 box.

I have x12 ....unplug both green jacks and plug one into your tv plug the USB into the tv too ....you should now get the game sound through them ..but no chat ......the way I get around this ....put you Xbox1 headset on then pop you turtle beach over the top now you can chat too ...lol not the best but at least it will do till we get the new ones .....have fun you all .......ps xbox1 I love you but you can be hard to live with sometimes .

So the Audio Adapters launched March 7th (about time) And it worked perfectly the first two days. Now I have to completely shut down my XBOX ONE and Restart it in order to get the Adapter to connect. I can't hear anyone and can't be heard by anyone otherwise. I don't know if it's a controller, Adapter or headphone issue but a couple friends have the same problem and the same solution fixes it most of the time. I'm using a Titanfall controller with X12 headphones.

When the adapter is working, the sound quality is crystal clear. But the battery drains in just a couple hours.

Just thought I'd update this post and maybe get some feedback about this problem.