x1 owners who never owned a 360 benefit of backwards compatibility.

and i am one of those folks :D

sure its going to take time, but i hope some of the old titles i want to play come to x1. ill just buy the old games in the bargin bins and go from there. only thing i wish MS offered was a way to UG the internal HD for a small fee, but i plan to get a 3 TB external HD at some point,

and im still waiting for the white x1 controller to come out, dang it MS.


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The backwards compatibility feature has tremendous benefits.  And in time nearly the entire catalog of  Xbox 360 games will be available.  For those such as yourself this is awesome.  As the Xbox 360 had great exclusives.  Such as Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, and the bigger titles such as Gears of War and Halo.  

I also would have liked to be able to send the Xbox One in (similar to the exchange program) to Microsoft and getba larger internal HDD.  I currently have a 5TB External, and still I would send it in for a fee.  

The white controller is quite nice.  I luckily was one of the few the grab up the Limited White Halo Xbox One's as a back up to my Day One Xbox One.

I was in a similar situation years ago when my search for a PS2 friendly PS3 console was at an all time high, and those consoles began being phased out. Thankfully, I was lucky.

Sorry to indulge my nostalgia. This is a good thing for people like you, OP. :)

They should make the original Xbox games backwards compatible as well.