X1 has been wonderful this winter

I hope Microsoft further expands there app on the X1, this winter, being as harsh as it has been has given myself a lot of time off, so I could watch a lot of tv and movies, just wish Microsoft would have apps such as Epix and so on for the X1, Anyhow it's been so good to finally have a system that meets the needs of the house. love the Pizza Hut app.

Sidenote: The voice command prompt is my favorite part of the X1 when watching tv.


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Glad to hear it got you thru the winter and we have a great year ahead!.. The X1 got allot of attention the past few months from everyone in my household for sure.. I'm sure we'll see a wide range of apps that will hit the marketplace soon!

I agree i am also loving my xbox one . its such a amazing console i cant wait for the next batch  of games to release :)

i am glad you are having a good time with your X1

Xbox Go to Netflix FTW!!!

Just need them to launch HBOGO :)

And in the Southern Hemisphere it has been ridulcousy hot, I'm finding it hard to sleep or do anything! Really though, It is too hot to have any console on and there's no way I'd use the 360. I do have the XB1 on for 5 hours straight and no overheating! Kudos to MS for remembering the past, I think they have the cooling right this time.

Been great so far, waiting on the next releases and updates.

A few of my friends had picked up the PS4, when they came over and were seeing all the features of the X1, they traded up for the X1.

Sideote: Microsoft really needs to show off all it's features