X1 GOW UE casual gamers

Hi, just wondering if any one is playing Xbox one GOW, that maybe want a few games online or co-op. I'm only a casual gamer more in for the fun, as to be frank in my 40's am not able to even compete with most these days online (not that I have been able to generally speaking anyway!!). Happy to chat (need to test out the headphones and mic on that, but they are Microsoft ones so should be good for the job) and just generally very much the laid back have a laugh and enjoy gamer, with few cares of game stats.

i have played all the GOW games, with GOW 3 a whole load and do love them on the 360, so got the X1 UE ready to go.

would be nice to have a few to co-op or get battered together on multiplayer but laugh non the less, so any one for a not so serious bit of GOW let me know.


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