X1 forgetting Gateway et al.

G'day guys and gals, (I posted this in the Cod Ghosts forums, as I'm a regular member there, but I thought I should drop a line in the Xbox forum too) I just wanted to see if my problems were being had by anyone else in the forum. The problem I'm about to describe I know to effect one of my brother's friends. I've tried googling the problem, alas nothing. After much testing this is what I have found: If I use the voice control to turn off the X1 - no dramas (VC turn off - sends Xbox to sleep - it does not turn it off) If I turn the xbox off with the glowing button on front of the console (or for that matter preform a hard reset/empty cache - hold 5 secs) the following occurs: Turn console back on - can't connect to Xbox live. Network settings show that the Gateway has turned into - hence forgotten Gateway. Super, super annoying. Occurs 100% of time. Side note,, don't know if this is related --> my Nat types for both console and Ghosts flip flop at times, I find the X1 spasmodic compared to the 360. If my console Nat becomes moderate - It is like I have to trick my console into Opening. What I mean is - select Auto configuration, select manual configuration - enter the same details,, cross fingers,, end up getting my Nat Open. Although Ghosts Nat/multiplayer is just plain uncontrollable (at least I never get Strict). For clarification: This has occurred since day 1 - I have the Day 1 console. Occurs regardless of what modem/router I use. My setup --> wired,,, uPnp turned off,,, ivp6 function on router disabled,,, Port Forwards,,, Static IP. (I do help out in the Support section of the Cod forums with optimizing fellow gamers setups - so I know what I'm doing - not being arrogant here - just letting you know that I haven't made setup boo boos) X1 is the only console connected to net. Besides that I have a PC and mobile devices. Should add - I have always used modem/router combos (Gateways) What I want to understand: is this a rare issue? is this a software issue that microsoft will fix with an update?,, or is it hardware? - and I need to swap over my console - don't particularly want to do this as it is a Day 1 console with Day 1 conroller, etc. **** if you have experienced the above - let us all know - and please give your setup details - just in-case a common link arises*****

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