X1 flagship game the same as 360?

Just wondering what you guys think about The biggest game on the X1 basically the system seller being almost the same on 9 year old tech. What do you think?  



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NO I think Halo/gears is the flagship game of the X1.

i think that if you believe they look almost the same, then you should really get your eyes checked. just the gif they show for the PC,X1 and 360 show a huge difference from the X1 to the 360.

but to be honest, if i were to play the 360 version for a while, then play the X1 version, i most likely wouldn't notice the difference once i started playing.

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I think that developers have had the kits for the 360 for almost 10 years, while they have had the kits for the X1 for less than 2. I have been playing videogames for about 25 yrs now, and every time there is a new generation, the first cycle of games that come out for the new hardware always look closer to

the games on the old hardware than they do to the games that will come out later for the new hardware.

Old story....

"We" already knew that Respawn/Blue Point will do their best to bring the same game and experiences on each 3 platforms (Xbox 360,Xbox one and PC).

Seems they did a great job.

I think the same of Titanfall as I think of other cross gen games, slight improvement but nothing drastic.

Assassins Creed 4 & Call of Duty on XB1/PS4 for example, not a major leap from what we see on Xbox 360/PS3.

As others have said before, the 360 and PS3 are being pushed to the "max" now why the next gen consoles the developers are only just getting to grips with. Look back to the first games on 360/PS3, then look at the games in recent years, a fair difference.

So I expect in the years to come,  future games like Titanfall, Forza, COD, Assassins Creed etc on XB1/PS4 will start to show some real differences "visually"

@Zero Divided I don't know I have not played The game just what others are saying. There are plenty of more articles that say the same thing.

@Ztrooper16 You know TitanFall at this point is the biggest game on X1 and when is Halo/Gears release date? Not for a long long time.

@Tzar of Kaos No actually people on this forum where saying that they where delaying the 360 version because it couldn't handle the game while I was saying the delayed it becuase it would look the same and they wanted to sell more systems.

Halo next year. Gear 2 years, Titian fall is not a X1 only game so I don't see it as a Flagship. Same as COD is a mainly a Xbox games, doesn't  make it a flagship.  

I think you need to get your eyes check if you think it looks the same.X360 lest detail, ash looking, X1 better detail. More crisp.

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