X1 Digital Game Sizes Leaked

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 20 GB

Call of Duty: Ghosts – 39 GB

Dead Rising 3 – 19 GB

FIFA 14 – 8 GB

Forza Motorsport 5 – 31 GB

LocoCycle – 13 GB

Madden NFL 25 – 12 GB

NBA 2K14 – 43 GB

NBA Live ’14 – 9 GB

Ryse: Son of Rome – 34 GB

Skylander SWAP Force – 15 GB



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Looks a lot like PC titles.

Damn, no BF4.

Yup. I kinda suspected as much, but this confirms it.

At least not all of them are 40GB.

They honestly aren't that bad really. I was expecting them to be a little more and with all titles at least being 20 or 30GBs

It's a good thing the XB1 supports external drives...I'm going to fill up that 500GB drive in short order ;)

All this was leaked from someone who ended up getting there xbox one early from target. He tweeted out a whole bunch of info on it, and the day one patch was available to him. He said it was 500mb's. I don't think MS liked that to much, because they put an online console ban on him. I hope for his sake, the ban will be lifted on 11/22, he was giving out free, positive PR.

To be honest, they shouldn't punish the guy for being excited. Target made the mistake. Yes, its not ideal but it would have been great for MS to just say "Hey someone messed up, games aren't out yet but here's a title on us... Congrats on being the first... PS. Don't spoil it for others" :)

Looks like I'll be downloading when I sleep. 92GB of games I NEED. At 1GB every 4 to 5 minutes that's 7 to 8 hours dudes.

Damn And I will be getting like 5 games at launch .